e·piph·a·ny /əˈpifənē/ noun – a moment of sudden revelation or insight.

Life is full of moments of discovery.

We are born with the capacity for growth. Everyone must eventually learn to eat, crawl, walk, run, read, drive, and pay taxes.

When was the last time you learned something that changed your life?

Cultivating Epiphanies is a place to learn to live the good life. We write and curate quotes, articles, books, videos, teachings, and conversations with the hope of sparking your next great epiphany.

Our mission is to help you live well by creating moments of epiphany.

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  1. Newly following you on Twitter….one of the 9-11 poems I mentioned…written 6-8 years prior (almost discarded the summer before but my wife stopped me) I’m calling God on 911…With an emergency….The church is filled with sleeping people…Who’ve chosen not to see…The world around is growing dark…The lights that shine are few…To a carnal voice we seem to hark…God, Your fire must renew…Oh burn Your love into our lives…And wash away our sin…Show us the power You can give…If we’ll just let You in….Let Jesus walk upon the land…Using your hands and feet…It’s time for you to take a stand…For soon the Lord you’ll meet…Revival time is coming…An earthquake is very near…Hear the beat of the Spirit’s drumming…The call to march is here (Tom Green (C) Copyright 2001) The other two poems are even more thought provoking and challenging (this is the easy side of the message you’re seeing) Oh yeah, I”m the ninth of nine children and I have two older brothers born two years apart…their common birthday is 9-11.

  2. I cant wait to the return of Christ. Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess he is Lord. This world is on its way to hell and I’m trying to reach out to as many people as possible to change their ways and follow Christ before its too late.

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