J.C. Ryle & J.I. Packer on Holiness

Few things are as important and daunting as personal holiness. Doubts as to whether its even possible to be holy this side of glory and the promise that Christ will one day make his followers holy anyway have stagnated this pursuit in most.

In 1877, Anglican bishop J.C. Ryle wrote what would become a classic on holiness. A few years ago Crossway released a fresh version of this great work with a brief biography by J.I. Packer. As the publisher explains,

Packer aims to open up the life of this godly man for a contemporary audience. Readers new to Ryle’s work will especially benefit from a first encounter with his essay on holiness.

I’m chewing my way through this work this summer and am benefiting from this classic wisdom. I’m hoping many join me in gleaning from this classic work.

The Power of Imitating a Faithful Life

Every year at the Desiring God pastor’s conference, John Piper preaches from the life of a historical, faithful Christ follower and holds them up as an example to emulate.

In the spirit of Hebrews 13:7, “Remember those who led you, who spoke the word of God to you; and considering the result of their conduct, imitate their faith,” Piper walks through the most teachable and exemplary moments throughout their journeys.

You can access the entire archive of talks here dating back to Jonathan Edwards in 1988. I recommend starting with Wilberforce, Spurgeon, Edwards, Brainard, Judson and Whitefield, but they are all great in their own right.

This year, Pastor John will be talking about Robert Murray M’Cheyne.  I’m excited to glean from this man’s life!