Can you summarize the Bible in one sentence?

Great blog post by Dane Ortlund with these scholar’s answers:

  • Greg Beale
  • Dan Block
  • Craig Blomberg
  • Darrell Bock
  • Mark Dever
  • Kevin DeYoung
  • John Frame
  • Scott Hafemann
  • David Helm
  • Paul House
  • Gordon Hugenberger
  • Kent Hughes
  • Andreas Kostenberger
  • Phil Long
  • Sean Lucas
  • Ray Ortlund
  • Grant Osborne
  • George Robertson
  • Leland Ryken
  • Tom Schreiner
  • Mark Seifrid
  • Jay Sklar
  • Erik Thoennes
  • Doug Wilson
  • Bob Yarbrough


2 thoughts on “Can you summarize the Bible in one sentence?

  1. Early in my walk it occurred to me that the Bible can be summarized in a single Word. That word is Love. The bible teaches us that God is Love. And Jesus is the living Word who took on flesh and dwelt among us. And by love I do not mean a popularized emotional response to external stimuli. I mean the ultimate in self sacrifice who is fully embodied in the person of Jesus the Christ.

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