Come, Lord Jesus: Learning to Wait for Christ’s Return

The biblical idea of waiting for Christ’s return is powerfully explored in John Piper’s book “Come, Lord Jesus: The Weight of Waiting.” In this book, Piper highlights the significance of living in light of the approaching second coming of Christ and exhorts Christians to hold fast to their faith while they wait.

In his opening remarks, Piper emphasizes the biblical command to watch for Christ’s return. He contends that this waiting should be active and anticipatory, marked by prayer, obedience, and hope, rather than passive or disengaged. Piper contends that this waiting ought to influence how Christians behave in the outside world, inspiring them to lead pure, happy lives that are characterized by a profound love for both God and neighbor.

Throughout the book, Piper draws upon a range of biblical texts to support his argument. He explores the theme of waiting in the Old Testament, noting the ways in which the prophets called God’s people to wait for the fulfillment of his promises. He also examines the New Testament’s emphasis on the second coming of Christ, highlighting the apostles’ exhortations to remain faithful and vigilant in the face of trials and persecution.

Drawing out the practical ramifications of anticipating Christ’s coming is one of Piper’s book’s strengths. He stresses that waiting shouldn’t result in laziness or indifference, but rather in a renewed desire to live for Christ and his kingdom. This entails developing character traits like kindness, faith, and love as well as attempting to change the world via deeds of service and evangelization.

In general, “Come, Lord Jesus” is a challenging and thought-provoking work that will encourage readers to take the biblical command to watch for Christ’s return seriously. Piper writes with clarity and accessibility, and his enthusiasm for the subject matter is evident on each page. No of your level of Christian experience or newness to the faith, this book

Great quotes from the book:

“The deepest longing of the human heart is the desire for the coming of Christ.”

“Waiting is essential to the Christian life precisely because life is difficult.”

“The present time is not a time for satisfaction and complacency. It is a time for vigilance and endurance.”

“The coming of Christ is the one great hope of the world.”

“Waiting for Christ’s return doesn’t make us passive. It makes us active in the pursuit of God’s kingdom.”

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